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Book Reports

Book Report Projects


This year your child will be required to write reports and projects over the different MIRP books they choose throughout the year. Each report and project will be based on a 50 point scale. Each student will have a rubric to follow in order to know what is expected of them for each report and project.


  • Students must provide materials needed for all the differents book reports. If assistance is needed, please ask your teacher in advance (not the day before it is due)

  • All materials and further instructions are included in this packet. Also included is a copy of the rubric for each project.

  • All work is to be original to the student. Parents may assist in projects but work needs to be done by the students.


Due Dates:

Quarter 1:

  • Due October 14

Quarter 2:

  • Due December 16

Quarter 3:

  • Due March 3

Quarter 4:

  • Due May 19

Students will each receive a folder of the possible reports. If this is lost you can check under docauments to get another copy. Students need to be sure to turn in rubrics with their project.



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