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Your child will have homework Monday-Thursday this year. Please check their homework folder for their homework.  At the beginning of the week, your child will receive a homework packet.  The students will write what assignment is due on what day in their planners.  Every day he/she will turn in the page that is due for the day.  It is your child’s responsibility to turn in their homework every day. 

Reading Homework

Your child will also have reading homework.  It is very important that your child reads for 20 minutes every day.   Your child may read books from home or library books that they will check out every week.  If your child needs books to read, he/she may borrow a book to read, but it will need to get returned.  Please also remember that it is important that you read to your child so that he/she can hear modeled reading.  Discussion during the reading process is also an important step to help your child become a better reader.  

Sight Words:

Every week, your child will learn between five and eight second grade sight words.  Your child will write them in their planner.  Please have your child practice reading and spelling their sight words a few times a week.  Practicing sight words should take between five and ten minutes and can be considered part of their reading homework.